Wednesday, March 4, 2009

little paper butterflies

Super K lent me her M.S. butterfly paper punch. It's super cool. I made all of these:

I might try to attach them to some organza ribbon as a decoration, or maybe to wire and put them with the paper flowers. Not sure yet. If only there were bigger butterfly punches out there - like 2 or 3 inches! That would be neat. I searched though, and couldn't find any. The punch was a great way to use the scraps from the petal paper.

Paper flowers 2!

I bought a second kit of paper flowers from paper source, but didn't realize the kit was for giant 16 inch blossoms! whoops. So I shrank the petal pattern and made smaller blossoms.

Paper flowers!

I got a paper flower kit from Paper Source last week. The kit included pre-cut petals for the cream, peach, and blue flowers. Then, I used that as a template and made my own pink and dark pink flowers.

Silk Organza flower

I see similar things all over the internet, and suddenly felt inspired last week when I walked into a fabric store and there were a couple of bolts of silk organza for a good price.

This is my prototype. I didn't use a pattern, I just cut petals and sewed them together. Next time, I think wider petals will look better.

Little bunny gift

I made this up quickly as a gift for a little girl. I didn't have a pattern for the apron. I made the body out of grey ultrasuede.