Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mortadella Paints

Not too long ago a dear friend of mine asked if I would paint murals for her two sons on their bedroom walls. I came up with the idea of painting canvases in case their tastes change in the not too distant future.

First up, for the younger son, an assortment of Thomas the train and a couple of his friends. I had a harder time with this painting since before this I wasn't very familiar with Thomas, and his image couldn't just come from my head. He's already an established and the recipient of this painting is going to expect something that looks like Thomas.
I was able to take more artistic license with the painting for the older son as he asked for a sunflower with a kitten. And here it is...

I hadn't painted in years, and I need to brush up on a lot in order to improve my work. I'm glad someone gave me an excuse to start though.