Friday, December 31, 2010

Wiksten Tova Dress

After about two months, I finally had the chance to make something for myself. I made a lot of Christmas presents, but didn't take photos of any of them. whoops.

Anyhow, here is the Wiksten Tova dress in pima cotton shirting. The pattern is written very well and has great photos to accompany nearly every step of construction.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wiksten Tank + Dress Pattern: Tank

My second garment from this pattern - the tank in Liberty of London Susanna Grey. First off, I just love a pattern that fits together so well as this one does. Second, I love working with a fabric that lends itself to a good outcome.

And here we have it ready for summer's last call.

Such nice binding finishes. This was a great project for a fabric like liberty too. Though the fabric is very pricey you don't need too much yardage. The simplicity of the tank shows the fabric and its drape off nicely and those few touches that the tank has such as the curved hem and cute pocket set it apart.
Where does the pocket end and where does it begin?! hehehe.

Thanks, Wiksten! I can't wait till the end of October. I'm thinking about fabrics for the Tova pattern already.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wiksten Tank + Dress Pattern: Dress

I was really excited when Jenny from wikstenmade announced that she would be selling one of her patterns. It was finally a chance for me to own something wiksten that is within my budget.
The package itself did not disappoint. Carefully packed in a glassine envelope, it was exciting just to look at the wrapped pattern!
The instructions are impeccable, and easy to follow. In the end you have a very nicely finished garment with french seams and neck and arm binding done in a way I hadn't tried before, but have seen on ready to wear.
This was just my muslin, made out of grey 100% linen that I didn't mind parting with if a size M didn't work out. I decided to make the dress version first and will make a tank later out of Liberty of London in grey susanna print.
My muslin turned out to be wearable and so I spruced up the spanse of grey with my own design inspired by Lotta Jansdotter's printing studio booklet. I used Jacquard fabric paint and cut three different sized stamps out of potato. (For anyone thinking of trying this -I tried stamp carving material as well, but the imprint wasn't as crisp as it was with potato. Be sure to test first.)

I can tell how much time and effort was put into making the pattern, writing the instructions and taking the photographs which show the construction steps. I want to thank Ms. Jenny for all of that. I can tell it was a real labor of love on her part(as she says) and I appreciate being the recipient of such a one of a kind pattern. (I hope there will be more ;) in the future.)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

ithinksew: Kimono Room Slippers

These are so cute! However, I made a size larger than my street size and they're a little snug. A little too snug. Why does this happen to me? time I would add a little more than a 1/4" seam allowance, especially if your fabric has a weave that tends to fray (linen). I used a cotton with brown fine wale corduroy inside.
If I really get my act together I would make a little basket of these so that I could offer a new pair to house guests when they visit.
It could happen.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer clothes & craft: a couple more items off of the "to-do" list.

My blog has been quiet, but I have been busy. First up was the Wiksten Tulip skirt pattern, found in the winter '08 Stitch magazine. I saw a few denim specimens on flickr, and so I too chose denim as my medium.
It is really a cute skirt.

Next up was a second rendition of the Cynthia Rowley pattern I last made in pink seersucker.

The armholes on my first shirt were a bit tight on me and I gave it to my buddy, the Tiny Tailor. I made it this time in an English cotton shirting.
I like how polished bias trim looks.

I love bias tape!

The next item on my to-do list?

Kimono slippers by ithinksew in Kokka fabrics.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

2403 x 2

I said I was going to do it and I did: a sleeveless and collarless version of simplicity 2403, a project runway dress-
In a light pink, green and white floral cotton (country of origin: south korea).

I'm glad its done. Now on to another pattern!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Zojirushi rice cooker: Black Sesame Cake

Okay, now. Mortadella is mainly about making crafts and sewing projects. But every once in a while she bakes. Like today! I used the "Black Sesame Cake" recipe from the zojirushi site. My particular model of cooker doesn't have a cake setting, howver I used the white rice setting. That cycle ended in 30 minutes and I left the cake in there on the "keep warm" setting for 15 more minutes.
Oh! It's delightful. Cute AND yummy. Perfect for a cup of tea. I *LOVE* my rice cooker.

Jalie 2679: x2

In the past two weeks I finished 2 jackets made from Jalie 2679 (Women's Sport Jacket). One is in charcoal corduroy and the other is in blue soft shell.I've made this pattern quite a few times, but not for a couple of years. The last time I made the pattern, my jacket was stolen from the back seat of my car (!). I think the reason it caught the desire of a thief is this: a novice can put this pattern together easily and have darn good results. Professional, in fact.

The pattern pieces fit together among the best of any patterns I have made. The only tweak is that I would say that the collar usually need to be cut out and inch or two longer than the pattern calls for.

I wish Jalie made more than mainly active wear. I haven't tried their other patterns, though I have heard rave reviews on their jean pattern. If they are 3/4 as good as this one, I definitely want to try them out!

Monday, April 12, 2010

just finished: Simplicity 0598/2403 - Project Runway Dress

Latest project: tunic in blue and white based on the dress in Simplicity 2403.

I cut the skirt pattern at the hip.

Make sure you use the next size up on the waistband. I think the pattern is mis-marked. I had to cut out new pieces.

The pattern was relatively easy to follow. I have no complaints, though overall it took a long time. I'm pretty sure I'll be making a sleeveless version for summer, and I think it could be cute in a corduroy or wool flannel for winter. The wooden buttons I got at a yard sale. They're from the 1950's, from a department store in NYC.

nice touches: Liberty of London for Target

Is super-commercialized a bad thing when it introduces the masses to a century & 1/2 year old fabric company?

Hard to say.
Opinions withheld, I utilized a few items for my sewing needs.

A handy catch-all for trimmings.

A neat place to organize the things I need close.

A file box to keep all my clothing patterns neat.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

LASS: pottery painting at terramia, S.F.

For celebrating the grand poombah's birth we went to Terramia, a pottery painting place in Noe Valley.
It was the first time there for the four of us and we took our time picking out pieces and painting (about 4 hrs!)

I was pretty happy with the teapot I painted for our Lass outing, though I felt the glazing could have been better (it turned out a bit lumpy).

You can see the lumpy part on the left side of this picture.

Quick & Simple: Liberty of London Scarf

1/4 yard of real liberty of london scarf: $11.25
30 minutes=

A real l.o.l. scarf a bit cheaper than tarjay!