Monday, November 3, 2008

A craft fair and a crafting

Sunday, we went to the You Bazaar. It was my first nouveau craft fair, and although it was small (29-30 vendors), I liked that there wasn't an overwhelming number of visitors.

I picked up two zippered pouch kits from "Blissful" (check out her etsy shop).
It comes in a plastic pouch with some cut fabric, a zipper and some interfacing - oh and some instructions.

I did have a little issue with the instructions. They weren't easy for me to follow, and the photocopied pictures had been copied too many times to provide any assistance. I might suggest that Blissful try diagrams instead. I'm not trying to be too hard either - I like making things myself and she was one of the few vendors that had kits to do so. (Thank you.)

So what did I do? I disregarded the instructions and did my own thing. I added piping and a beaded pull to the zipper.