Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weekender bag #2

Will I ever make this bag again?!? Oh, after this, I sure don't know.

Weekender bag #2:
-exterior and lining: Michael Miller dumb dots laminated cotton

-pocket lining, trim & handles: Moda laminated cotton

-special additions: brown webbing attached to sides with u-ring to attach shoulder straps.

I've got to stop choosing fabrics that are really hard to work with. It gets discouraging fast. I also had to experiment with needles. In the end, the #16 seemed to work the best. The Moda fabric was easy to sew through compared to the Michael Miller. I have enough of the Moda left over for a coordinating make-up bag or something.


Dixon Ticonderoga said...

Oh! Doesn't it look so professional though? It looks wonderful, I can't imagine that the fabric was easy, but it sure doesn't look like you had a hard time with it... it looks perfect!

Wahoo said...

That is too, too awesome! My inner Rain Man loves how you lined up the dots. After all, that's what they're for, right???