Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas purse

I can unveil this one because my friend, Char, couldn't wait until Christmas to open her gift. (!)

I got the pattern from Pochee Sewing magazine:

Someday I want to make that dress on the cover too.

Here is the magazine's version of the purse:

And here is my version:

The lining:

Made from Japanese cotton and Japanese "Bark" fabric (a nice heavyweight fabric with a lot of body). I finished the purse off with a sakura pearl button and fixed a loop to go over that for a closure.


Dixon Ticonderoga said...

I love that koi lining, so cute!!!!!

Wahoo said...

She opened my Christmas present too, well, um, not that it was wrapped or anything, save in a rubber band....

I like that red (hmm, it somehow looks familiar... i think my bit of red fabric is a bit snotty, or will be soon...).

Mortadella said...

It's actually a different fabric than the fabric I used for the hankie. I might have a scrap left somewhere that I can show you.