Friday, May 7, 2010

Zojirushi rice cooker: Black Sesame Cake

Okay, now. Mortadella is mainly about making crafts and sewing projects. But every once in a while she bakes. Like today! I used the "Black Sesame Cake" recipe from the zojirushi site. My particular model of cooker doesn't have a cake setting, howver I used the white rice setting. That cycle ended in 30 minutes and I left the cake in there on the "keep warm" setting for 15 more minutes.
Oh! It's delightful. Cute AND yummy. Perfect for a cup of tea. I *LOVE* my rice cooker.


Dixon said...

Oh WOW, it looks *interesting* but I *know* it's got to be yummy!

Wahoo said...

Oooh yummeeee! GOOD for you! I like sesame, good for you.