Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wiksten Tank + Dress Pattern: Dress

I was really excited when Jenny from wikstenmade announced that she would be selling one of her patterns. It was finally a chance for me to own something wiksten that is within my budget.
The package itself did not disappoint. Carefully packed in a glassine envelope, it was exciting just to look at the wrapped pattern!
The instructions are impeccable, and easy to follow. In the end you have a very nicely finished garment with french seams and neck and arm binding done in a way I hadn't tried before, but have seen on ready to wear.
This was just my muslin, made out of grey 100% linen that I didn't mind parting with if a size M didn't work out. I decided to make the dress version first and will make a tank later out of Liberty of London in grey susanna print.
My muslin turned out to be wearable and so I spruced up the spanse of grey with my own design inspired by Lotta Jansdotter's printing studio booklet. I used Jacquard fabric paint and cut three different sized stamps out of potato. (For anyone thinking of trying this -I tried stamp carving material as well, but the imprint wasn't as crisp as it was with potato. Be sure to test first.)

I can tell how much time and effort was put into making the pattern, writing the instructions and taking the photographs which show the construction steps. I want to thank Ms. Jenny for all of that. I can tell it was a real labor of love on her part(as she says) and I appreciate being the recipient of such a one of a kind pattern. (I hope there will be more ;) in the future.)


Wahoo said...

Very cool! I like the green look of the blog. Good to hear how good-quality the pattern is.

Dixon said...

I just adore this, especially the stamping... so cute, the detail on the pocket and the back: ADORE IT!

jenclair said...

Love the pattern, but especially in the grey linen with the stamps. Such a perfect touch.