Monday, April 14, 2008

It's complete!

I'm done. It sure took a while, and I tried to be patient. But the final stage was a bear and I now know why so many people have complained about this pattern. Do I want to make this pattern again? YES! Do I want to take a long break before I embark on another? OH YES!
Here is the lining of the bag:

Here is a close up of my hand slipstitched lining. I tried at first to do this ever so nicely, but I quicky got hot, tired and sore. All I had to say was, "ow ow ow." I pricked myself and drew blood several times. My fingertips were aching for a break.

This view shows off the grey ultrasuede I used for the handles and piping. I really liked working with it. It was pricey ($20 a yard! whoa), but I've had a thing for grey lately and I splurged.

Overall thoughts? I think this bag is tres chic and looks really cool. It also feels like a great accomplishment - making a nearly one of a kind travel bag that looks almost store bought.


Dixon Ticonderoga said...

That looks brilliant! If you got any blood on it, it will only serve to be a sigil protector of sorts! Wonderful!

Wahoo said...

Fantastic!! Good job! There's nothing you can't do.