Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday afternoon crafting

Earlier this week I saw a very old Heather Bailey post for a pear shaped pin cushion. Oh, I really liked it. After an unsuccessful morning working on the lotus tunic lining (had to be completely scrapped) I decided to try and make my own pear shaped pin cushion. Well, apparently I am pincushion impeared...because what I got is maybe a tomato persimmon hybrid. That's okay though.


Dixon Ticonderoga said...

Couple things:

1)Can you still say your project went "pear shaped?" AH YEA I'm punny.
2) I think it's cute still! I love the fabrics.
3)Does it have a hard bottom?
4) NICE PINS?!?! Are they knew? Wherever did you find them? I got some sunny yellow ones this weekend, but yours are cuter!

Wahoo said...

It looks fresh and pretty and yummy. I hope a certain little gray fellow does not agree too wholeheartedly.