Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer top from "Camisole & One Piece"

This top is from the Japanese pattern book camisole and one piece. I had to completely seam rip the first incarnation because it was too big around the chest. It looked terrible, even though I had already altered the pattern for my American frame.

On the mannequin, this doesn't look half bad (haven't hemmed or sewn the side seams yet) - but I'm not certain this is a look I should sport.


Dixon Ticonderoga said...

Oh! I think it looks lovely, what a nice crisp job you did on the neck! I can't wait to see it in person... how long is it?

Christy said...

Hi! I am impressed, I love that top, it's really cute. You have really good craftsmanship on your projects, I especially like the bag you made.

Christy said...

Hey, I just noticed your "stuff I'm working on" list. Can I steal that idea?

Groovy Cavy said...

Ohhhh! So cute! :)
I would totally wear that twice a week in the summertime, as long as it was roomy enough in the hip area. ;)