Sunday, September 14, 2008

finished projects

Last week I got my Heather Bailey "fresh Picked" pincushion pattern and I started making fruit right away. On Heather Bailey's site she shows a few examples made from velveteen, and also offers a kit. I tried to find velveteen, but couldn't at any stores around here. Maybe it is more of a Christmas item? So, I settled on felt. I also got some wool roving and made a few pieces of my own felt. I made a mottled red felt for the apple, and a berry purple felt for one strawberry. That was a lot of fun, but also a little too expensive.

-notice that I staggered the yellow seeds. I personally think this is a little more pleasing than straight lines.

The other fruit is made from felt off of the shelf (basic polyester). I got some golden orange heathered felt and plan to make persimmons out of the tomato pattern, for a fall fruit bowl.

In other project news, I finished my Camisole & One-piece top and wore it with a black t-shirt underneath and black pants.

It was comfortable. I had material left over and decided to make another sew-U a-line skirt. This time I made the waist smaller and this skirt fits a lot better than the first edition.

What's next?

I think I'll be trying out the "Almost Pollini Dress" pattern from Ale-B on the Burda Style website. I plan to use my new kokka fabric and I will alter the pattern so that the yoke fits at my waist. I'll also have to do an fba. I also plan to make elbow length sleeves.


Dixon Ticonderoga said...

Oh! Your fruit look brilliant, I especially like your apple, is that the one you made the felt yourself? (I want to hear more about that.) That picture of all of them in the bowl is so lovely, look at the cute ribbon!

That "Almost Pollini Dress" looks awesome, I can't wait to see yours.

Mortadella said...

yeah, I made felt! it was pretty fun. I bought red, light green, brick red, off white and dark green roving.

I used a dishpan and laid out the roving in a crosshatch fashion, putting very thin light strands of the non-red colors. i was hoping to achieve the color effect that is on a real apple. I then poured boiling water with some dishsoap added over the wool and gently mashed the water into the fibers.

I worked it over and over and the fibers worked themselves together. I think worked the felt over bubble wrap and then over itself.

Wahoo said...

what luscious fruit, yum!

the dress will truly rock!